Electronic and General Purpose Cleaning

Wash away the worry of contaminants

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  • Flux Removal
  • Metal Degreasing
  • Flammable & Non-flammable
  • Bulk & Aerosol
  • Water & Solvent Based

Cleaning is an essential process within electronics manufacture and has been used for many years to remove potentially harmful contaminants during PCB manufacture.

Such contaminants include flux, solder and adhesive residues, and other more general contaminants such as dust and debris present from other manufacturing processes.

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The purpose of cleaning, specifically within the rapidly expanding electronics industry, is to essentially improve product lifetime by ensuring good surface resistance and by preventing current leakage leading to PCB failure. This developing market sees modern and future electronics becoming smaller and smaller and the requirement for high performance and reliability is stronger than ever. In order to achieve good insulation resistance and ensure adequate adhesion of conformal coatings and encapsulation resins, the cleanliness of the electronic assemblies is essential.

There are many stages where cleaning is required; prior to stencilling and soldering in order to remove contaminants from the many previous production stages, after stencilling to remove excess solder paste/adhesive and after soldering to remove corrosive flux residues and any solder balls.

In industry today, many manufacturers are turning to ‘no clean’ processes, implying that cleaning is not required after soldering. In the ‘no clean’ process the solids content of the flux is lower than traditional types, however they still contain rosin and activator. Such residues, along with any other unwanted elements collected due to the missing cleaning stage, could cause issues with adhesion and possibly affect the performance of the protecting media applied, ie. Encapsulation Resins or Conformal Coating. It can therefore be stated that even with advances in new technologies, such as ‘no clean’ fluxes, cleaning is still an essential multi-stage process within the electronics industry.

Finally, there are also cleaning stages required for the removal of coatings and adhesives when re-work is necessary, for the cleaning of individual components and for maintenance of the production line.



SWMN / SWMP  (Obsolete) - Safewash Mechanical

SWMN / SWMP (Obsolete)
Safewash Mechanical

25 Litre - 200 Litre

Product code: SWMN25L - SWMN200L - SWMP25L - SWMP200L

The following product has been discontinued and superseded with the listed replacement. While the replacement product will exhibit improved characteristics, we would always advise further testing to ensure the product is suitable for your application. '

The Safewash Mechanical range has been designed to clean and degrease mechanical parts. SWMN is a non-flammable, water-based product that can be sprayed, dipped, brushed or used in batch cleaning systems. SWMN will thoroughly remove dirt and grease deposits facilitating more efficient machinery performance. These products have been specifically developed as replacem ents for the toxic and highly hazardous solvents found in other degreasers on the market. They exhibit excellent re sults whilst not compromising the cleaning quality and without displaying any detrimental side effects. The products are packaged in a concentration suitable for immediate use and further dilution is not recommended. SWMN is safe to use on most plastics and rubbers (test before bulk use). SWMN will not normally attack sensitive metals unless they are cleaned many times or the units are immersed for an excessive cleaning period. SWMP is the same as above but with enhanced performance for cle aning very stubborn residues, and is ideal for cleaning of general dirt from metals that are not sensitive to alkalis. The manner by wh ich the products are utilised varies depending on the day-to-day needs involved.

Key Properties:
  • Designed to clean and degrease mechanical parts
  • Can be sprayed, dipped or brushed or used in batch cleaning systems
  • Removes dirt and grease deposits
  • Non-hazardous with very low odour
  • Excellent materials compatibility
  • SWMP has enhanced performance properties for more stubborn deposits

Product data sheets
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