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Contact Lubricants

Switch to a superior performance

Usage scenario for Electrolube contact lubricants
  • Extends the operating life of switches
  • Improves signal quality
  • Reduces operating temperature
  • Controls switch 'feel'
  • Prevents contamination
  • Silicone free

Electrolube have been the leading supplier of contact lubricants since their invention by the founder in the 1950s. They increase the reliability and lifetime of current carrying metal interfaces, including switches, connectors and busbars.

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Electrolube has earned an unsurpassed reputation for the manufacture and supply of specialist lubricants to the automotive, military, aerospace, industrial and domestic switch manufacturing sectors. The range has been developed over the years to accommodate many advances in such rapidly advancing industries; combining excellent electrical properties and lubricity with plastics compatibility.

Contact lubricants are specially formulated greases and oils that reduce friction and enhance the electrical performance of current carrying metal interfaces in switches and connectors. Electrolube products are electrically insulative in thick films, preventing tracking in ultra thin films, i.e. between closed metal contacts they allow the current to flow, owing to the ‘Quantum Tunnelling Effect’. They also exhibit a neutral pH thereby avoiding surface corrosion.

The effectiveness of even perfectly designed switches can be improved by contact lubricants and, when considered at the design stage, significant production cost savings can be achieved by the use of less expensive plastics and contact metals.

Tests have shown that contact lubrication can extend the lifetime of switches by more than 300%, producing excellent performance under all circumstances and preventing the need for expensive maintenance.

Contact Lubricants


CCS - Contact Cleaning Strips

Contact Cleaning Strips

20 Strips

Product code: CCS020

Contact Cleaning Strips are made from specially developed card, impregnated with a speciality Contact Lubricant. They offer an extremely easy and effective method of returning switches to full working order after they become worn or contaminated. Can also be used on new switches to extend their lifetime. Reduces contact resistance and increases reliability of contacts.

Key Properties:
  • Easy to use
  • Impregnated, mildly abrasive card
  • Cleans, refurbishes and lubricates metal contacts
  • High quality contact lubricant

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