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Technical Articles

Technical Articles

Condensation Testing - A New Approach

Tags: Conformal coatings, NPL, IPC, Testing

Co-Authored Paper: Chris Hunt, Ling Zou (National Physical Laboratory), Phil Kinner (Electrolube)

Conformal coatings are expected to perform across all manner of environments including high humidity environments, typically 40°C/93% RH, 65°C/95% RH or 85°C and 85% RH. Until recently, there has been little attention paid to how conformal coatings and their characteristics perform under such condensing conditions. Testing has previously been confined to humidity chambers which have certain limitations in respect to this testing type. Read more >

The toughest conformal coatings for the harshest environments

Tags: Conformal Coatings, Automotive Electronics

How conformal coatings help automotive manufacturers achieve long-term reliability of assemblies

In a typical car today, electronic systems are critical to the smooth and safe operation of the vehicle. Even before the engine starts, electronics have already unlocked the car. Once you start the engine and step on the accelerator, sensors assist in getting out of your parking space, engine control units (ECUs) tune the engine performance, monitor the pressure of the tyres and safety systems are powered up in standby mode. As you pull away, adjust the air conditioning, ensure your phone is connected to the entertainment system, set your destination on the satellite navigation system and initiate your favourite music, yet more electronic systems are brought to life...

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Extending the life of LEDs – Part 2

Tags: LEDs, Thermal Management, Resins, coatings

With the rapid growth of the LED market, correct product selection is imperative to ensure LED performance and lifetime. In Part 1 of this paper we discussed the importance of proper thermal management, including the various ways to ensure maximum heat dissipation in LED systems. The effect of excessive heat generation was discussed in direct correlation to LED lifetime. Similarly, in Part 2 we will…

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